Our services

HUNDRED CJSC is proud to offer the following services to its Clients:

Management Information Systems

Sophisticated MIS provide insightful and vital information to management and the board on an on-going basis.
Having robust MIS is of paramount importance for advancing corporate governance, decreasing agency costs between the board and management and saving valuable time.
How we incorporate MIS: Our team conducts audit/due diligence/evaluation of the company’s current reporting and control procedures free of charge. Where we identify the need for improvement or substantiate the necessity of introducing a new MIS, we offer and initiate the processes. Our team works with finance representatives and provides both on-going and one-time services.


Financial Modelling

We create need-tailored, spreadsheet-based financial models for valuation, corporate planning, forecasting and controlling.
Our team has extensive experience in preparing the following models:

  1. Discounted Cash Flow (DCF)
  2. Three Statement
  3. Budget & Forecasting
  4. Consolidation


We conduct valuation of equity not listed in security exchange or actively traded in the over-the-counter markets. We believe that valuations based on inactive market prices, liquidation or distress sale levels can cause significant loss of shareholder’s value and can increase the cost of capital.
The scope of this service may include valuing private placements, investments in intangible assets, such as infrastructure and energy projects, and other alternative investment vehicles.


Business Plans

Our team brings all the skills, knowledge and industry expertise to deliver tailored business plans, feasibility studies and financial projections that concentrate on every minutia of financial, management, human resources and technological matters with respect to the clients’ existing operations, new projects and growth plans.


Research and Reporting

Our specialists conduct independent research and submit recommendations to the Clients with the earnest hope of supporting them in making well informed, carefully measured and sound financial decisions. Our services include market reports, white papers, articles and specialized research. We also prepare periodic equity and fixed income snapshot, covering stocks and bonds of public corporations; the Client is free to disseminate such deliverables to shareholders and prospective investors.
Our objective is to show the big picture and help our partners harness critical insights and make decisions that will fuel the growth of their businesses.